Updated sites

My technical communication web site has been updated and has it’s own URL, www.lukondor.com. I now also have a separate creative writing site at www.lakondor.com. Both sights are similar yet different in content. I’ll be adding more content in the future to my creative writing site. To this site, I’ve added new pages including statement on the importance of technical communication.

I’ve also added a tab at the top for Academics & Learning (contains links to the CSUDH certificate program) which has a FAQ page to the top questions I’m asked by students on technical writing and the program at CSUDH.

Latest creative work

Taking a break from my editing of a YA novel I am writing to catch up on some personal projects. Mainly a family cookbook and memoir based on my childhood and how everyone in my family got together over food, especially at the holidays. I’m also catching up on my photography, which is to say capturing as many beautiful blooms as possible at Descanso Gardens. It’s my favorite place to think of new stories and take my laptop to write when I need inspiration. The blooms are beautiful now.