Lu’s Tech Writing Bookshelf

note   There are many books out there for technical writing, editing, content creation, information design, and technical communication in general. These are the books I find useful. I will add to the list occasionally.

Books I Use For My Classes

The book my Advanced Technical Communication class uses (use the latest version although most of the changes from edition to edition are mainly minor).

  • Technical Communication, Bedford/St. Martin’s, by Mike
    Markel. ISBN 0-312-55532-6 use current version

An optional text for my classes which is a must have (in my opinion but I try to keep buying books to a minimum for students). Worth every penny.

  • Handbook for Technical Writing by Charles T. Brusaw, Gerald J. Alred, and
    Walter E. Oliu, published by St. Martin’s Press. Get the latest edition.

The book for my Information Design course is not my ultimate favorite however I have yet to find one better that discusses elements of design in a page.  Feel free to email me (anyone out there see the contact tab) if someone has a better suggestion. I would appreciate it.

  • Document Design: A Guide for Technical Communicators [Paperback] by Miles A. Kimball & Ann R. Hawkins, published by Bedford/St Martin Press Boston/New York (2008), ISBN-13: 978-0-312-43699-5
Other Books That A Tech Writer Should Consider Having On Their Bookshelf
  • The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition, by William Strunk Jr., E.B. White, Roger Angell, ISBN 0-205-30902-X
  • The Chicago Manual of Style (look for the newest edition when purchasing) by
    The University of Chicago Press (2003), ISBN 0-226-10403-6
  • Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition, by American Psychological Association (2009), Print ISBN-10: 1433805618 also in Kindle format
  • Technical Communication (13th Edition), by John Lannon & Laura Gurak, Longman (2014), ISBN-10: 0321899970 • ISBN-13: 9780321899972
  • MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (get latest edition), by Modern Language Association of America (2009), ISBN: 1603290249
  • Technical Editing: The Practical Guide for Editors and Writers by Judith A Tarutz
    Perseus Books (1992) ISBN 0-201-56356-8
  • Developing Quality Technical Information: A Handbook for Writers and Editors, 2nd Edition, by Gretchen Hargis; Michelle Carey; Ann Kilty Hernandez; Polly Hughes; Deirdre Longo; Shannon Rouiller; Elizabeth Wilde, Publisher: IBM Press (2004), Print ISBN-10: 0-13-147749-8,  Print ISBN-13: 978-0-13-147749-0
  • Adobe Classroom in a book, by The Adobe Creative Team, Adobe Press. Note there is one for virtually all of Adobe’s software. I have several and think you should buy as you need.  For example the Photoshop book is excellent.
  • There are many more fine books out there, especially in the Allyn & Bacon Series of tech books.  I particularly like the Writing in the Sciences: Exploring Conventions of Scientific Discourse.

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