Classes in Advanced Technical Writing Starting Soon

Want to be a working writer or perhaps improve your writing for your job? The Advanced Technical writing class starts Monday, August 2, 2021 at California State University Dominguez Hills. The course is completely online and students learn advanced technical writing techniques along with improving their writing skills. The class is hands-on as we work on putting together a portfolio while we learn. Portfolio pieces are an important aspect of applying for technical writing jobs to show a prospective employer your capabilities. Dr. Lu Kondor teaches this class. Check out the FAQ on this site if you have questions.

For this class, students may take it even if they have not completed the Intro course if they have some writing experience. The certificate at California State University Dominguez Hills consists of three courses. Check out the schedule page if you want to see the other classes. The entire program for the certificate is taught online (and will continue to be taught online). Find out more information on the CSUDH website.

Technical communication encompasses a broad scope of organizations and businesses.


Lu Kondor has worked as a technical writer for more than 20 years for major corporations. She has a Doctorate in Business Management and has worked in a large variety of organizations including entertainment, software, electric utility, manufacturing, oil and gas, chemical, and nuclear process industries. She is an adjunct lecturer in Advanced Technical Writing as well as Information Design for more than 14 years.