Statement on the Importance of Technical Communication

I enjoy being versatile and have broad practical experience in communication, writing, graphics, training, & teaching. It has been my observation that communication and sharing knowledge, especially technical knowledge, is one of the most important things we can do to improve productivity, increase teamwork, build organizational credentials, and increase mutual trust within an institution whether it is a business, consortium, university, association, or non-profit. To put it in perspective more than 58% of workers review and look for information on corporate sites as part of their daily work habit while 67% of workers felt productivity was enhanced using documentation systems (Davenport, 2005).

Today easy to access technical documentation and sharing information is even more important as organizations look for ways to increase productivity while maintaining efficiency with tight operating models. According to SAP’s Success Factors (2015) “documentation is important to support performance decisions, and notes should be written with the intent to share.”


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