Recommendations From Colleagues

Azin (Alicia) Akbari, Senior Multimedia Designer

Jason Teske, Senior Business Analyst

“I have worked with Lu at Southern California Edison on manufacturing processes and procedures, SOX compliance procedures and documentation, and a safety manual. Lu is a great team player and exceptional at gathering information, analyzing requirements, and communicating complex manufacturing processes.   Lu also did a great job analyzing our SOX compliance requirements and assessing impact of changes.”

 Shane Birdsill, Former Senior Technical Production Coordinator, Sony Imageworks – Development Group

“Lu is one of those individuals who is not only committed to her profession, but has shown dedication to the study and practice of many fields: computer programming and engineering, educational instruction, writing and professional training. Lu is respected for her accuracy and technical skill, and admired for her approach-ability and sense of teamwork. Lu’s talents and motivations are not limited strictly to training and mentoring, however. As the senior technical writer,she is charged with creating and maintaining all official documentation at the facility.  Her wide breadth of knowledge in computer science combined with an easily accessible writing style make clear even the most challenging of concepts and processes.”

Adriana Jaroszewicz, Assistant Professor Animation Department School of Film and Television, LMU/LA

“Lu Kondor and I worked together in multiple projects while at Sony Pictures Imageworks, documenting and writing tutorials of workflows for artists and researchers. She always demonstrated a professional attitude and an excellent predisposition to complete projects, always with great attention to detail. She is intelligent, fast and focused, and will not shy away if given new challenges. She is a very well rounded individual, with both technical and artistic experience.”

Murilo Coutinho, PhD, MBA

“Ms. Kondor has been a colleague of mine at Sony Pictures Imageworks for more than eight years and I have worked with her on various team assignments including writing tutorials, technical documentation, technical reports, and research.  Ms. Kondor has excellent teamwork abilities and has demonstrated excellent training and technical writing abilities as well as enthusiasm for various project and working with a variety of users, artists, and management.”

Daniel Sheerin, Technical Animation Supervisor

“I have worked with Lu Kondor in the development group at Sony Pictures Imageworks for many years. Keeping track of a complex visual effects pipeline can be challenging at best and as our technical writer, Lu has always been a fundamental part of our team. She produces clear, detailed and concise documentation which is critical for tracking progress and educating current and new artist on the available toolsets and resources. Her thorough and up to date understanding of researching and technical writing theory shows thought in the quality of her work.”

Fereshta Ramsey, NYC

“I have worked with Lu Kondor for many years at Sony Pictures Imageworks.  She is insightful, accurate, talented and intelligent. Her impeccable work ethic, combined with her natural ability to work well and collaborate with others makes her incredibly valuable and appreciated.”

Melissa Fontanini – Adjunct Instructor – The Art Institute of California, Los Angeles

“I met Lu when I was an intern at Sony Pictures Imageworks.  She was always a knowledgeable and insightful resource to turn to and wonderful mentor to confide in as I was gaining my footing in the industry.  I appreciated having an individual such as herself to help me learn the ropes.”

Recommendations from Students

Gillian Deenihan

“The Certificate in Technical Writing was my first course in Technical Writing, and I initially thought it was an introductory course.  However, over the last six months, I learned so much that I now feel comfortable applying for Technical Writing positions without further study.  The assignments were practical and hands-on.  We launched straight into Technical Writing, and I now have portfolio items I can use for my job search and hands-on knowledge to back it up!  Dr. Lu was generous with sharing her time and wealth of knowledge and expertise.  I would highly recommend the Certificate in Technical Writing Course to anyone interested in getting into this exciting field!”

Ellen-Rachell Caldwell, CA

“I’m so glad I had the opportunity to be a part of this program. Lu Kondor is a great instructor.

Frank Hammock, Wholesale Provisioning Manager, Seattle, WA

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Lu Kondor during my time as a student doing online coursework for my Technical Writing Certification at CSUDH. Her classes are a challenge but she has the wonderful talent of making them fun and exciting; the perfect recipe for a rewarding educational experience. I learned so much from her guidance, professionalism, and personal touch that she provides to each of her students with an endearing sense of commitment and dedication to ensure that each student succeeds. She is nothing less than incredible, and I was so glad to have had the privilege of learning from such a gifted professional. I am currently about to start a new job that will allow my newly acquired skills of Technical Writing to be put to good use. I thank Dr. Lu Kondor for her training and consider her a highly valued and respected expert in the field of Technical Writing, not only for her knowledge and skills, but her warmth and compassion for the craft that truly inspires and radiates to those who get a chance, even a small one, of working with or learning from her. What a great treasure she is to have as both a colleague and friend now in the exciting business of technical communications. I highly recommend her classes to anyone looking to learn more about the technical writing/communications field. You will not be disappointed with Dr. Lu Kondor.”

Nanette Peters Michigan Surgical Quality Collaborative, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“The program was great and I am still amazed at how comprehensive it was – I especially enjoyed Lu Kondor who is an incredible instructor – she has not only a wealth of knowledge about the subject but is also able to convey it effectively!”

Jeff Super

Within a couple months of the program ending I had received a technical writer offer from a large medical device company in the San Fernando Valley. I believe the certification process helped a lot in getting the job…

Georgia Lester, Technical Writer II, Panasonic Avionics Corporation

“The classes were challenging and interesting and in some cases even fun! The homework got my creative juices flowing again. I am surprised how much of what I learned I am using every day. The program was time well spent.”

Michelle M., CA

“I am writing to thank you so very much for the CSUDH Technical Writing program which I completed in December. Once I took care of almost all the things I needed to, everything you taught me got me a job quicker than I could have imagined.”

About the Advanced Technical Communication class…

“As a requirement of the Advanced Technical Communication class, I wrote a proposal that I also submitted to various business people and the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce. Not only did the Chamber CEO like the proposal, she also liked my writing and offered me a job doing all the writing for the Chamber including grants, business updates, and local stories. My Technical Communication class paid for off before I even finished the certificate course!” … Adrienne Mathewson, Ridgecrest CA

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