Dr. Kondor has over nine years of experience in corporate training and presentation materials for conferences, training newsletters, and training videos on proprietary software and practices at Sony Pictures Imageworks. This experience includes corporate training/instruction with individuals and groups, corporate presentations, and coaching subject matter experts on presenting.

Additional experience in online training with a broad and diversified audience includes videos, documents, and updating lessons. Dr. Kondor also has feature film credit for training artists on Beowulf. Dr. Kondor had both online learning and classroom learning experience at both corporate and university-level teaching.

More Background

Dr. Kondor’s educational background includes degrees in cinematography, photography, liberal studies (focus on writing), and a Doctorate in Business Management (with a specialization in Information Systems and Technology) and is well versed in APA Guidelines. Lu has certificates in Project Management, Technical Writing, and Fiction.

Dissertation Title: Identifying Effective Technical Communication Processes for Software Engineering Teams: A Phenomenological Study

Lu is a life-time member of  dmd.logo_

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